A strong explosion damaged two buildings in Saint Petersburg, in which at least six people were injured.

Iran PressEurope: Two buildings were damaged in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg, and residents were evacuated after a strong explosion blew out the windows of the building this morning, Russian media reported.

Russian state news agency Tass said that the damage was caused by an "explosion", while local news and social media said that a drone had hit the building. The Associated Press could not verify these claims.

The American media, citing the press service of the city health committee, reports that after the explosion, six people sought medical help.

The governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, said that the "incident" happened in the northeastern district of Krasnogvardeysky and that there were no casualties, but residents were evacuated.

The mayor did not specify the cause or nature of the incident.

Residents testify that they first heard an unusual sound, and then an explosion, after which a fire broke out.

Russian media reports that it is possible that it was a downed Ukrainian drone, which targeted the nearby fuel depot.


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