Iran's ambassador to Armenia:
Armenian FM Ararat Mirzoyan (R) And Abbas Badakhshan-Zohuri

Armenia (IP) - The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Armenia said that the exercise of the armed forces is to maintain stability in the region.

Iran PressAsia: Abbas Badakhshan-Zohuri, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Armenia, said in a meeting with Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan on Thursday: "The planned exercise of the armed forces reflects Iran's determination to respect international borders and maintain regional stability."

Referring to the efforts made to implement the agreements reached by the two leaders in important areas, such as energy exchange and transportation, the Iranian Ambassador to Armenia expressed hope that the cooperation between the two countries would deepen and expand cooperation in various fields.

Zohouri streqssed the view of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the need to resolve disputes in the region through dialogue.

During the meeting, Mirzoyan reminded the strategic importance of relations with Iran, which is also included in the program of the new Armenian government.

Referring to the problems on the Kapan-Goris route, the Armenian Foreign Minister expressed hope that the problem would be completely resolved by finalizing the alternative route in the coming months.

The commander of the Iranian army's ground forces said: "The Khyber conquerors' exercise will begin tomorrow (Friday) in the northwestern region of the country with the presence of a number of army ground forces units."


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