The European Parliament suggests banning the import of Russian energy products as part of the ninth package of sanctions.

Iran PressEurope: According to those behind the idea, the move should deep-six any restoration of the Nord Stream gas pipelines. Meanwhile, the European Union has so far been unable to agree on an oil price cap, as well as on other economic and energy measures against Russia, Izvestia writes.

German MEP Gunnar Beck told the newspaper that the idea was to do it through an embargo on Russian energy imports. It will mean that all member states, including Germany, will have to refrain from plans to repair Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2.

The European Parliament is trying to promote the initiative following its vote on designating Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. However, in Beck’s words, apart from the fact that the European Parliament lacks the necessary powers, the process of agreeing on the idea will also be an obstacle because many countries aren’t ready to take such a step.

"The sanctions are starting to cause internal divisions within the EU. However, signs indicating that some countries pursue a policy of sanctions regardless of the common course have been clear since a standoff with Belarus [and Poland]. Poland imposed its national restrictions at the time.

The Russia situation turned out to be a catalyst because active debate is already underway on the possibility of abolishing the veto power and introducing the majority rule," Sanctions Policy Expertise Center Director and Head of the Department for Academic Development at Moscow State Institute of International Relations Institute for International Studies Ekaterina Arapova told Izvestia.

"Every country is making active efforts to protect its national interests, which is becoming a stumbling rock. In the past, there was a lot of noise out there that the ninth package would be based around setting an oil price cap. However, they have still been unable to agree on a related mechanism. They have nearly run out of economic means of pressure and the only remaining option is to ban certain Russian companies and impose restrictions on individuals," the expert added.


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