Fars (IP) - Shiraz, the capital of Fars province in southern Iran, was chosen as the environment capital of Asia in 2024, by the Asian Mayors Assembly.

Iran PressIran news: Shiraz is located in the central part of Fars province at an altitude of 1,486 meters above sea level and in the mountainous region of Zagros; the climate of the beautiful and tourism gub is moderate, pleasant, and always clean.

Drak Mountain in the west, Bamou Mountain and National Park in the north, and Zagros Mountain in the northeast of Shiraz have caused the beautiful nature, clean climate, and healthy environment of Shiraz.

Still, Maharloo Lake is in the south of Shiraz, which is a wildlife shelter and a habitat for migrant birds. Flamingos are the most important bird species of come to this beautiful red lake. 

There are also many gardens in Shiraz. Flower Garden, Eram Garden, Delgosha Garden, Narenjestan Garden, Qavam Garden, Jahannama Garden, Qasr-o-Ddasht Garden, Chamran Garden, and Shiraz Garden are world famous because of bitter orange blossoms.

The suitable climate for the growth of bitter orange trees has caused the alleys, streets, and large gardens of Shiraz to be replete with the perfume of orange blossoms in spring and make the weather spiritual. 

All this has caused Shiraz to be chosen as the environmental capital of Asia in 2024; a choice that will boost tourism in Shiraz. 

Photos by Tahere Rokhbakhsh  


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