Dec 04, 2019 08:24 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Dec 08, 2019 16:39 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Iranian Energy Minister said that Tajikistan wants Iranian companies to carry out the construction of medium and small hydroelectric power plants and power transmission lines in this country.

Iran Press/Iran news: In a press conference on the sidelines of the 13th Commission of the Joint Economic Cooperation of Iran and Tajikistan on Tuesday, Reza Ardakanian said based on an agreement the government of Tajikistan will provide access to all companies in Iran which are active in constructing large dams as well as designing and constructing hydropower plants to participate in the tenders in future.

Right now there are some companies active in Ragun dam and hydropower plant in Tajikistan, which is one of the major hydropower plants worldwide, the Iranian minister said in the press conference attended also by the Tajikistan Minister of Energy and Water Resources Usmonali Usmonzoda.

The hydropower plant has six units of six hundred megawatts in a total of 3600 megawatts capacity, he said adding that the Iranian companies are right now working in Raghoon but projects in Tajikistan are more than that.

"We agreed that all Iranian companies over their good performance and quality work will have access to all possibilities and in the future, we expect to see more and more Iranian companies participate in hydropower plant projects in Tajikistan," said the energy minister.

Iran's Minister of Energy noted to the construction of Anzab tunnel connecting the North and South of Tajikistan, stressing on the importance of the project.

He highlighted the needs of more work on ventilation and lighting saying: "We agreed that together we complete this project which is a milestone in serving people in Tajikistan".  

Iran's Minister of Energy Reza Ardakanian and Tajikistan Minister of Energy and Water Resources Usmonali Usmonzoda who have been attending the 13th edition meeting of the Joint Commission signed MoU on boosting bilateral cooperation on Tuesday.

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