Tonekabon (IP)- Do-Hezar and Se-Hezar forests in Tonekabon are among the most unique touristic places in the north of Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Do-Hezar and Se-Hezar forests are located in the highlands of Mazandaran province. Along with other natural attractions, these forests are one of the best religious and touristic places in Mazandaran province.

Do-Hezar and Se-Hezar forests covered with Hyrcanian trees, different springs, and waterfalls have made the beauty and landscape of this tourist place unique.

The continuity of the Hyrcanian forests in the north of Iran has created the most beautiful dense forests, and their beauty reaches its peak in the Do-Hezar and Se-Hezar forests of Tonekabon.

The villages along the path of Do-Hezar and Se-Hezar forests are also considered to be among the best summer resorts in Mazandaran province.

During the year, many tourists travel to Mazandaran province and visit the Do-Hezar and Se-Hezar forests.


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