Beirut(IP) -The Lebanese Orthodox Bishop of Jabal and Tripoli in Lebanon said desecrating sanctities is evil.

Iran PressWest Asia: George Saliba" in an exclusive interview with Iran Press in Beirut about the desecration of the Holy Quran in recent months, said that there are still evil actions to desecrate the holy books.

The Lebanese Orthodox Bishop of Jabal and Tripoli in Lebanon added that desecrators do not have a human and righteous nature; still, their nature is degradation, humiliation, and hatred of others.

Bishop "George Saliba" emphasized that Almighty God will save people from evil thoughts, and Christianity says that Jesus Christ came to save humanity from slavery, sin, and death.

The Lebanese bishop also asked the Almighty God to guide humanity to the right path and said that humanity should choose a righteous life, and God accepts and forgives those who repent.

In recent months, on some occasions, Swedish, Danish, and Dutch citizens desecrated the Holy Quran, which caused the anger of the world's Muslims.

In August, the Dutch anti-Islam element burned a copy of the Holy Quran in front of the Turkish Embassy in The Hague. 

The reaction of Muslims followed the blasphemy; Muslims called for an end to insults to the Holy Quran in Europe.