Thousands of residents of the occupied territories took to the streets for the 39th consecutive week to protest against judicial overhaul by the cabinet of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Since the Bibi cabinet unveiled a package of reforms to the judicial system in January, tens of thousands of opponents have joined weekly demonstrations in what has turned out to be one of the biggest protest movements in the Zionist regime's history.

He has been pushing for the reform in defiance of public calls to scrap it, as he is facing corruption charges.

Protesters in Tel Aviv and other cities across the occupied territories turned out Saturday evening, rejecting what they described as “divide and conquer” strategy by Netanyahu, the Zionist regime media reported.

The protesters said that “the economy is collapsing” and all what people get is “provocations and the continued dismantling of democracy.”

The movement's epicenter has been the commercial hub of Tel Aviv, where protesters have rallied every weekend against Bibi.

The reform has caused the worst political and social crisis for the Zionist regime in years.

he proposed overhaul drew criticism from allies of the occupation, including the United States, as President Joe Biden has repeatedly expressed his concerns and has called on the occupation officials not to hurry with the "divisive" plans.