Tehran (IP) – crude sales are one of the obstacles facing Iran's industry and trade, Iran's president says.

Iran PressIran News: Iran's President, Ebrahim Raisi on Saturday morning at the ceremony of the National Industry and Mining Day, thanked all the industry and mining activists of the country and said that Iran's officials must be sensitive to the issue of crude sales because creating added value and employment would be possible in the light of preventing crude sales.

The Iranian president continued by emphasizing the importance of increasing the quality and productivity of domestic production and said: "Every producer should redefine the issue of increasing productivity and at the same time find solutions to reduce the production price."

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Raisi also considered the effort to achieve production activities by utilizing knowledge and new scientific achievements as much as possible among the other necessities of the production boom.

"If knowledge is not attached to production and industry, it will remain in the form of thesis in the university," Raisi noted.

Moreover, the president highlighted the necessity of much more engagement of the private sector in the economy and production with the government reducing its responsibilities and increasing its monitoring role.

He called on all institutions and bodies to consider making the government agile.


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