Bojnourd (IP) - Iran's president says Tehran has increased oil sales to an acceptable level without signing a contract or accepting a new commitment for the country.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking on Thursday during the 26th provincial tour of the Iranian government, Ebrahim Raisi addressed the people of North Khorasan and said: "Today, thanks to the authority and honour that you people have created, without signing a contract or accepting a new commitment for the country, we have increased oil sales to an acceptable level, while previously they said it was not possible to sell oil."

Raisi also referred to the order of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, who said that today production should be the main focus of work in the country, and said: "North Khorasan has good universities, scientific and cultural centers that have educated men and women and valuable human resources."

Raisi continued his speech by referring to the statistics of about 700 casualties due to the outbreak of coronavirus at the time when his administration started work, adding: "Today, while the number of COVID-19 patients and victims in our country has decreased sharply, this is not the case in some countries."

The president continued: "Thanks to God and thanks to the prayers and cooperation of the people and, most importantly, thanks to the efforts of the medical and nursing staff of the country, we are going through days when the number of corona victims has reached single digits and sometimes zero."

Raisi further pointed out that his administration faced financial problems and a budget deficit of 480 trillion at the beginning of its activity and said, "The government did its best not to borrow from the central bank or print money, which itself causes inflation."

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The president continued: "Since the beginning of its term, the 13th administration is paying between 10 and 13 trillion tomans for expenses that have not been done in this government, in addition to paying salaries and wages."

The president referred to the statistics of the Central Bank and the Statistics Centre on the increase of economic growth rate from 4 tenths of a percent to about 5 percent in the last months of 1400.

Raisi added: "In the conditions of war and in the days of sanctions, when the enemy made things difficult for us, you people of North Khorasan, along with other Iranians, patiently resisted and made the United States officially announce today that maximum pressure on the Islamic Republic has failed miserably."

The president said: "As your representative, we tell the Americans to know that you should not speak to the Iranian people with the language of force. The language of force does not work. This nation has won the war with victory and authority and has resisted for 40 years. This nation will surely win the economic war and the media war."


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