145 Palestinians were wounded when the Israeli military used live rounds, plastic bullets and tear gas against peaceful unarmed Palestinian protesters taking part in the 49th March of Return protests near Gaza's border fence.

Iran Press/Middle East: Palestinian Red Crescent confirmed that in Friday’s protests, 145 Palestinians were injured including 34 by live fire and 18 by plastic bullets while others were hit by tear gas canisters.

Friday's demonstration was the 49th in a row since the weekly protests began in March, 2018, Iran Press reported.

In recent weeks, several thousand Palestinians have participated in the protests and dozens have been wounded every week.

Some 267 Palestinians have been killed and over 27,000 Palestinians wounded by live rounds used by Israeli soldiers since the demonstrations began in March 2018.

Palestinian protests 'Great March of Return', began on 30 March 2018, for the commemoration of Land Day, when in 1976 six Palestinian citizens in the occupied lands were killed by Israeli forces after protesting the confiscation of their land, Iran Press reported.

Demonstrations continued until May 15, which marked 70 years since the Nakba, the ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians by Zionist militias to make way for the creation of the so-called state of Israel. 101/211/201

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