A delegation from Armenia led by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, on Wednesday morning arrived in Iran's capital city of Tehran.

Iran Press/Iran news: Nikol Pashinyan was welcomed by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at Sa'dabad Palace in Tehran.

Following the reception, official talks will kick off between Iranian President Rouhani and Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan and his accompanying delegation, Iran Press reported.

After being elected prime minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan has spoken on several occasions about the development of relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, emphasizing the essential steps which need to be taken in this regrad.

Prior to embarking on a trip to Iran, Pashinyan had emphasized that friendship between the two nations of Armenia and Iran is an important factor in contributing to peace and stability of the region.

He added that our cooperation, which is based on the principles of mutual understanding and mutual benefit, is rooted in these solid relationships for hundreds of years. Relationships and friendship with Iran are part of our foreign policy and we are committed to further developing these relations.

Armenian prime minister is expected to meet with Iran President, Hassan Rouhani, with whom Pashinyan is to give a joint press conference afterwards.

The head of the Armenian government will also meet Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani. As part of his trip to Iran, Pashinyan will have talks with representatives of the Armenian community living in Iran and he will also visit the city of Isfahan.   101/211/202


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