Press TV's US-born anchor said in a TV interview that there is no respected for human rights in the United States of America.

Iran Press/Iran newsMarzieh Hashem, who has been recently released from The US government prison, added on Thursday that the political detainees in US spend some 50 years in the prisons.

Speaking on the TV show called 'Asr'( which means era) on Islamic Republic of Iran's Broadcasting TV channel called 'Offogh'( which means horizon) Hashemi further explained that she has spent most of her 10-day detention in solitary confinement where she could not even have a book for reading. She even could not have her own glasses to read, Iran Press reported.

 Press TV's well-known anchor went on to say that somebody had secretly provided her with a book and she could read it. Hashemi said that to her, having nothing to do was very hard.

The US-born anchor said that within the period of her detention, she could appear more concentrated and had more prayers with Allah the All Mighty.

Hashemi added that the Americans show the films of the prisoners who walk in the open area and catch a tan however this just belongs to Hollywood and there is nothing like this in the reality.

"They woke the prisoners up at 2:50 a.m to have their breakfast. This process is considered as the psychological torture about which no one bothers to react. I wonder when I realized that more than 98 percent of the prisoners are black people.", explained she.

Appreciating IRIB's head of world service (Peyman Jebelli), she emphasized that Jebelli was accountable for the pressure and challenge created by Press TV and all of the related TV channels which appeared effective in her release.

Hashemi also thanked the Iranian nation for all their prayers to say that " The events were all orchestrated on nothing but her own Shiite and revolutionary view ".


Earlier on January 19, the Head of the IRIB World Service, Peyman Jebelli said Marzieh Hashemi, who was arrested in the US, is a symbol of the Islamic Revolution, and her detention in the US is a political move to pressure the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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Pointing to Marzieh Hashemi's detention in the US, Jebelli added: "Mrs. Hashemi reinvigorated her life with the Islamic Revolution. She became a symbol of the Islamic revolution."

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Hashemi arrived at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport on Wednesday night and was welcomed by her relatives and colleagues.

The head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB)'s World Service, Peyman Jebelli, told reporters at Imam Khomeini Airport that the release of Marzieh Hasehmi marked a victory for the freedom-seeking and a setback for the US.

Jebelli said the US, which was seeking to humiliate the Press TV anchor, was itself belittled by all those who stood by Ms. Hashemi.

He said that supporting her was advocating the path of justice and righteousness.   

Hashemi was released on January 23 after 10 days of detention at a Washington, D.C. facility.

On Jan 13, 2019, US-born Marzieh Hashemi was detained in St. Louis Lambert International Airport after coming to the country to visit her family.

She was brought to Washington, D.C. where she appeared before a jury as a witness in an undisclosed case.

Hashemi has lived in Iran since 1982 and worked for Press TV since 2008.105/203


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