Foreign Ministry Spokesman said that Iran is waiting for the European Union's official launch of a special payment channel aimed at circumventing the United States’ sanctions to facilitate trade with Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: Asked about the reports by some foreign media that say EU’s promised Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) will be presented today, Bahram Ghasemi responded we had heard a lot of promises about launching SPV in the previous months, and in recent days; we are now waiting for SPV to be officially announced by Europe.

Speaking during his weekly press conference on Monday, Ghassemi said Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi's three nation tour to Austria, Slovakia and Bulgaria has nothing to do with SPV launch; it takes place within the framework of Iran's relations with the three European countries, as well as holding negotiations with the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran Press reported. 

Regarding French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian’s recent intimidating remarks on Iranian missile program, he said  that Iran's missile program is defensive and a domestic issue that is deterrent in nature and is designed to defend the country.

On the Poland anti-Iran conference, Ghassemi added that this is an American game played with clear goals. "Given the nature of some countries which recently joined the European Union, and which have notorious backgrounds in raising conflicts in the region, the US is after sewing discord among Iran and some European countries," said the Spokesman.

Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Maciej Lang came to Tehran and gave us explanations and received the necessary answers, Ghassemi said, adding Iran has not been invited to the event, and we have a skeptical and pessimistic view on this conference. 101/202


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