Israeli media touched on Iran's new hypersonic missile, Fattah on Tuesday and considered that Iran has turned into a superpower with weapons.

Iran PressMiddle East: The media revealed that the Zionist entity's security and military establishment is addressing its counterparts in the world regarding Iran's missiles and arsenal of weapons.

Mikhail Stein, an Arab affairs correspondent for the Zionist channel Kan, said the Iranians revealed the Fattah hypersonic missile with a range of 1,400 kilometers.

Fattah has a unique launching method

Stein pointed out that the missile has a high speed and a unique launching method and is apparently related to a technological development that few countries possess.

He revealed that the Zionist regime security and military establishments contacted their counterparts around the world and warned them that the matter is not only restricted to the Iranian nuclear issue, as Iran has also turned into a superpower with weapons, urging them to address the issue.

Stein stressed the need to "address the Iranian issue," adding that "today, the Iranians opened their new embassy in Saudi Arabia, after many years since 2016."

He considered that the Iranians are sending a message to the world that they are opening a new page with everyone.

Earlier, the Zionist regime media touched on Iran's new hypersonic ballistic missile, Fattah, which was revealed Tuesday by the Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC), Major General Hossein Salami.

Nir Dvori, a military commentator on the Israeli Channel 12, said, "The problem is if this missile goes through the atmosphere layer."

The military commentator explained, "I will try to describe this to you. Have you tried in your life to throw a stone in water? This missile makes a similar leap in the atmosphere, and this leap is difficult to know, observe, and intercept." 

On his part, Ohad Hemo, a commentator on Arab affairs for Channel 12, said Iran is operating in several places a missile system directed at "Israel".

Hemo pointed out that once again, "Israel" sees this Iranian step as part of a series of steps aimed at deterring it.

No system can intercept Fattah

He underlined that it is difficult, to the point of impossibility, to intercept the new Iranian missile due to its speed, which reaches Mach 13, and its movement, which no system can intercept.

The Israeli commentator mentioned that the United States does not possess hypersonic missiles, noting that only China and Russia have that.

The Israeli Maariv newspaper also considered the Iranian unveiling of the Fattah hypersonic missile as a message to "Israel".