Kashmir(IP): A member of Majlis Ulma-E-Imamia Jammu & Kashmir, in an interview with Iran press called Imam Khomeini a philosopher and a mystic who exemplified the greatness of religious authority.

Iran PressAsia: Mudasir Rizvi, said: Imam Khomeini (RA) was a personality who exemplified the greatness of religious authority and implemented it in the society. His personality had many dimensions, each of which reached its peak to the point where his knowledge and insight are still used. 

Imam Khomeini (RA) was a jurist, scholar, visionary, politician, mystic and philosopher, sincere and polite, and a practical man, he added.

The member of Majlis Ulma-E-Imamia noted: Imam's action destroyed all plans of arrogant leaders. How they managed after the revolution and the war that dominated Iran and the Islamic world. In this war, he trained students and fighters against enemies who in our world do not have examples of them who seek martyrdom in this way. All the arrogant people united together, but they could not succeed.

He concluded: It was because of Imam Khomeini's sincerity, insight, knowledge and skill that the victory of the Islamic Revolution is effective in the world of humanity now and is still effective in human society. In scientific, philosophical, spiritual and mystical dimensions, he trained students who are examples in their place. We should study Imam Khomeini's thought, books and life so that our own life becomes better and better.


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