Middle East(IP): The leader of the Ansarullah movement in his televised speech on Tuesday stressed that the economic power of America with which it used to dominate other countries is declining.

Iran PressIran News: Abdul Malik al-Houthi, the leader of the Ansarullah movement and the Yemeni revolution, this Tuesday afternoon (May 23), on the anniversary of "outcry against the arrogant," emphasized that this slogan is for mobilizing as much as possible and raising awareness about the importance of taking a position against God's enemies is necessary.

He added that "shouting against the arrogant is the slogan of the Quranic project to counter the attacks of America and the Zionist regime on the Islamic Ummah; A project that was proposed at the height of the American and Zionist attacks, which were carried out under the pretext of fighting terrorism."

The outcry against the arrogant is a slogan that martyr Hossein Badr al-Din al-Houthi raised in 2002. This slogan includes "Allah Akbar, death to America, death to Israel and victory belongs to Islam". The people of Yemen emphasize that this slogan is the basic foundation of the project of practical confrontation with America and the Zionist regime as evil incarnate.

Yemenis emphasize that with this slogan, Martyr al-Houthi broke the silence of Muslims against the movements of Americans and Zionists and led them to return to the Holy Quran. 

The leader of Ansarullah continued: The purpose of this hostile attack that took place at that time was to completely control the human power and natural resources of our nation. Many [Arab] regimes and leaders opened the ground for America to do whatever it wanted, such as [building] military bases, imposing economic policies and interfering in education and even the media."

America is declining and lost its economic power

The leader of Ansarullah emphasized that America is getting weaker and stated: The economic power of America with which it used to dominate other countries is weakening. America is facing deep internal problems and crises and has become the biggest debtor country in the world.

He stated that the economic weakness of the United States has an effect on the Zionist regime and will cause a real crisis in it. In the recent Zionist aggression, we saw how the Islamic Jihad movement and the Palestinian resistance stood against it.

America suffered a complete defeat in the region

Al-Houthi also pointed to the readiness of the Hezbollah movement and its strength to confront the Zionists and said: "The Lebanese Front is also present with strength. The enemy is also in fear. In the last decade, the Americans tried to end the war in the region in order to compete with China and Russia safely, but they could not do this in Syria, Iraq, Palestine or Yemen."

The leader of Ansarullah stated that after the defeat in the region, America was forced to reduce the tension and at the level of regional relations, give a margin to its mercenaries, and emphasized: The position of Saudi Arabia and the UAE is not beyond the circle of America and Britain, but is on the margin that America has allowed it.

Referring to the failure of the Saudi-Emirati coalition in invading Yemen, he said: "Saudi Arabia and the UAE currently have the possibility to get out of the [Yemen crisis] in a fair way; They only have to stop the aggression, end the siege and occupation, and resolve other cases related to the war, such as prisoners of war, reparations, and reconstruction.


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