London (IP) - Coinciding with the arrival of "Al-Nakba Day" (the anniversary of the establishment of the Zionist regime), supporters of Palestine demonstrated in the streets of London and chanted slogans against this regime.

Iran PressEurope: "Al-Nakba Day" is the anniversary of the occupation of Palestine and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in 1948.

The supporters of Palestine in Britain on Saturday evening, on the occasion of "Al-Nakba Day," held Palestinian flags and pictures of the martyrs of the Israeli regime's five-day attack on Gaza, staging a protest from in front of the BBC building in London.

Demonstrators chanted "Palestinian freedom" and considered the British government to be a partner in the Zionist regime's crimes against Palestinians, especially Palestinian children and women.

In the "Al-Nakba Day" demonstration in the streets of London, the supporters of Palestine chanted the slogans "Enough of the occupation", "Free Palestine" and "End apartheid" and protested the media policy of "BBC" towards Palestine.

A number of Palestinian supporters spoke to Iran Press correspondent during the "Al-Nakba Day" demonstrations in London and challenged the British government's policy of supporting the Israeli regime.

In this conversation, the supporters of Palestine spoke against the Zionist apartheid regime towards the Palestinian people and said that this policy has displaced millions of Palestinians from their homeland.

According to United Nations statistics, 6 million Palestinian refugees have been living in 58 temporary refugee camps in Palestine and surrounding countries for decades.

In the continuation of the interview with Iran Press, the supporters of Palestine criticized the biased policy of the "BBC" television network in support of the Zionist regime and declared this network ignores the developments of the Palestinian land and the killing of Palestinians.

In addition to Muslims, Christians, and followers of other religions, including a number of Jews, participated in the "Al-Nakba Day" demonstrations in London, and they emphasized the formation of an independent Palestinian state and the end of Zionist oppression.

A number of organizations supporting human rights, freedom-seeking people, opponents of war and Zionism, and peace advocates in the UK, including "The Palestine Solidarity Alliance", "Stop the War Coalition" and "The Association of the Palestinian Community in the UK" participated in the "Al-Nakba Day" ceremony in London.


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