Eighteen 18 powerful foreign companies are participating in the 20th International Marine Industries Conference and Offshore Technological Exhibition of Iran (IRANIMEX 2018).

Iran news: Ali Akbar Marzban, the chief executive officer of IRANIMEX2018 said in an exclusive interview with Iran Press and in response to a question about the main purpose of the expo and gathering in Kish Island said: "This is the inauguration ceremony for the international maritime marine exhibition in 2018 which is taking place in Kish island in southern Iran, in the Persian Gulf".

"You know that everywhere in the world, exhibitions and expos are held in different areas and one of the most important areas is the maritime sector which covers  many different activities and as you know, the shipping industry is very important for global development in all aspects", Marzban told Iran Press reporter.

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He added: "In general, around 280 companies are participating in this expo and among them, there are eighteen foreign companies, some of them well known, from various countries. They are showcasing their products and services in the maritime industry."


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The Eighteenth Marine Industries Conference is being held on Kish Island from 18 to 21 December, concurrent with the Eighth International Maritime and Offshore Technologies Exhibition.

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