Bagdad (IP)- The Iranian ambassador to Iraq, hosted the ambassador of Saudi Arabia for the iftar ceremony, days after announcing the restoration of the relations between the two countries.

Iran PressMiddle East: Mohammad Kazem Al-Sadegh, Iran's ambassador to Iraq, hosted the ambassadors of many Islamic countries for the Iftar ceremony on Wednesday. The banquet was held with the aim of converging the countries of the West Asian region. 

Among the ambassadors who participated in the iftar party of the Iranian ambassador in Iraq, there were the ambassador of Palestine and the ambassador of Syria in Iraq. 

The developments in Saudi-Iranian relations follow seven years of severing the diplomatic relations between the two countries. 

The Saudi ambassador to Baghdad evaluated the agreement between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia as important for the resumption of bilateral relations.

" Abdulaziz Al-Shammari, the Saudi ambassador to Baghdad, on Wednesday night on the sidelines of the Iftar banquet of the Iranian ambassador to Baghdad, while answering the question raised by the Iranpress news agency, stated that the political agreement between Tehran and Riyadh, in addition to strengthening bilateral relations, also affects the situation in the region.

Iran's Iftar banquet showcases converging West Asian state's convergence

Mohammad Kazem Al-Sadegh, Iran's ambassador to Baghdad, said on the sidelines of this iftar banquet that the event serves as an opportunity to hold bilateral and multilateral talks within the framework of the interests of the Islamic Ummah by inviting the ambassadors of Arab countries.

According to the Iranian ambassador to Baghdad, World Quds Day was also discussed in this ceremony and it is hoped that the World Quds Day ceremony will be held well in Islamic countries and other countries.

" Sattam  Al-Dandah, the ambassador of Syria to Baghdad, also said that the meeting and discussion during the iftar banquet of the Iranian ambassador to Baghdad were friendly and it is expected that the Islamic countries will put aside their differences and know that their common enemy is the Israeli regime, and this regime is angry about the good relations between Arab-Islamic countries.

"Ahmed al-Aql", the Palestinian ambassador to Baghdad, in response to Iranpress news agency's question, said that Quds Day is the cause of the unity of Muslims, and with the unity and integrity of the Islamic Ummah, Quds and the land of Palestine would be liberated.


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