Lebanon (IP) - The 26th of March will mark the 8th year of the war on Yemen; Due to the aggression on Yemen failing to meet its goals, we may be witnessing a solution soon; News of an exchange of prisoners in Ramadan shall bring joy to the heart of every honorable man, the Secretary General of Hezbollah said.

Iran PressMiddle East: Delivering a speech during the ceremony commemorating leader Haj Hussein Shami, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah also added, "On the 20th anniversary of the Iraq invasion, We stress the fact that it was the honorable, courageous Iraqi Resistance that forced American forces out of the country. Through their steadfastness, they were able to crush American plots in the region."

"The enemy knows, and fears, that war against Lebanon could escalate to a regional war," said Hezbollah's secretary general, adding, "The enemy threatens us with what will bring its demise. We tell them that any act of aggression against Lebanon that harms any Palestinian, Lebanese, or person from any other nationality, we will certainly respond adequately and immediately."

"How does this entity expect to build ties with Arab nations when their officials say there is no such thing as a Palestinian people and call for the complete abolition of Huwara? When governmental officials are on this low level intellectually, know the end is near."

"The Zionist entity has not witnessed more troubled days. They lack trust in each other and fear the entity not living to see its 80th anniversary," he said.

"The enemy said one thing they are not mistaken with that if Hezbollah was behind that operation, it means that Hezbollah does not fear confrontation," Nasrallah noted.

The Megiddo incident truly shook the entity. They immediately started threatening, "If Hezbollah is behind this we will do this and that..." I tell them to go "tile the seafloor." (literal translation of a saying meaning we don't buy what you're saying).

On the incident in Megiddo in Northern Palestine, he said: "Many wondered why Hezbollah remained silent. This is part of the battle. The enemy is confused. Are we supposed to solve their problems for them? Let them investigate and figure out where the fighter came from."

On the Lebanese presidency, Nasrallah noted, "the agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia will have no effect on this issue. Those claiming that the 2 countries discussed this issue are mistaken. The word 'LEBANON' was not even uttered once."

Attack on Lebanon to be responded to decisively, swiftly

Hezbollah's Secretary General said any attack against any person present on Lebanese territory, or an attack on a Lebanese region, will be responded to decisively and swiftly.

Nasrallah pointed to the economic situation in Lebanon, saying: "Amid the difficult economic and living conditions and the dollar’s rate increase, the state cannot stand idly. There are measures that must be taken and can mitigate. We have consistently urged to prioritize economic discussions over political disputes and come together to establish a dialogue table, not for political gain, but to save our struggling economy and improve the livelihoods of our people."

"There is absolutely no justification for not calling for a dialogue table to exit the economic crisis. Rescuing the situation and the pound as well needs a real comprehensive multi-dimensional plan, but I have no idea when it will come out," the secretary general of the Hezbollah movement added.

"These days, the entire Persian Gulf region is heading east. Saudi Arabia has invited the Chinese president to Riyadh and set up three summits for him, and the figures indicate the start of investments that worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Why is there so much fear and slowness in Lebanon? This issue is not only the responsibility of the prime minister, but also the political forces. Bank turmoil in the US now is part of the tip of the iceberg. We renew the call for cooperation, solidarity and compassion among people," Nasrallah highlighted.

He also spoke about the latest developments in occupied Palestine, saying: "The incident in northern occupied Palestine confused the enemy at all levels, Hezbollah was criticized for keeping mum, but our silence is part of the psychological media battle with the enemy. I will respond to the enemy’s threats that if Hezbollah was proven to be responsible for the Megiddo operation they will do such and such, by telling them: “buzz off”.

"The Israelis said something correct that if Hezbollah is responsible for the operation, it is not afraid to go into battle. Today, ‘Israel’ is in crisis, and no day has ever passed on this temporary usurping entity with such weakness, impasse, crisis, confusion, internal conflict, despair and mistrust," Nasrallah noted.

"When the leadership of the enemy becomes foolish at this level, we realize that its demise is coming soon," the Hezbollah leader stressed.

Nasrallah continued: "The resistance in Lebanon adheres to its commitment and its decision that any attack against any person present on Lebanese territory, whether he is Lebanese, Palestinian, or of another nationality, or an attack on a Lebanese region, will not get unanswered decisively and swiftly."


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