Sarajevo (IP) - The most popular TV show in Croatia titled Dobro jutro, Hrvatska ("Good Morning, Croatia"), introduced Nowruz and the Iranian New Year early on Monday.

Iran PressEurope: The show started with the report of the correspondent of Croatian TV about the cultural and artistic attractions of Iran.

While introducing the cities of Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, etc., he talked about Iran's civilizational, cultural, and tourist attractions, as well as the diversity of religions and ethnic groups in Iran, and advised the viewers to experience the pleasure of visiting Iran.

In another part of the TV show, Franko Church, professor of history, and culture, at the University of Osijek, explained the amazing accuracy of Omar Khayyam in the exact calculation of starting the new year and that in Iran the most accurate and natural transition to the new year is celebrated in the world.

An art professor specialist in Iranian instruments also pointed out the spirituality of Iranian music and added: "Traditional Iranian music is not only for listening and enjoying, but also relaxes the human soul and many even use it for healing."

In this show, the host also introduced the Haft Sin table and its philosophy.

In the end, a group of Croatian musicians played pieces of authentic Iranian music with Iranian musical instruments.


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