Türkiye (IP)- The most devastating earthquake in the history of Türkiye, in terms of the extent of the areas and the amount of destruction and casualties, every moment sets new regrets.

Iran PressAsia: Iran Press reporter's interview with the families of the victims and people trapped under the rubble of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in southern Türkiye shows the depth of the disaster of the devastating natural event.

A middle-aged Turkish living in the center of Adna city while sitting on the ground in grief said in response to the question of Iran Press: "My four children are under the rubble, I still hope that they will come out alive, my hope is only in God, there is nothing I can do."

Another citizen living in the center of Adna city narrated the disaster of the 7.8 Richter scale earthquake in southern Türkiye: "I live in this neighborhood, we are going through very painful moments, friends, acquaintances and neighbors were trapped, there is no news of them."

A Turkish girl living in Adna, while worrying about her peers in the rubble of the earthquake in southern Türkiye, says: "I don't know how many little girls like me are trapped inside this building."

The rescue forces in the center of Adna city are removing the debris around the clock. Undestroyed but damaged houses have been evacuated due to being unsafe.

The residents of Adna are spending sad moments because people are trapped under the rubbles and whether they are alive or not, tears are still falling.


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