Government spokesman and director of Iran's budget and planning organisation, Mohammad Bagher Nowbakht has announced the submission of a draft budget bill for the next Iranian fiscal year to the parliament (Majlis).

Iran news: Director of Iran's budget and planning organisation, Mohammad Bagher Nowbakht, told a news briefing at his office on Thursday that the draft budget for the next fiscal year (2019) was submitted to the parliament, Iran Press News Agency reported.

"What was presented to the parliament is one part of a collection of documents which was delivered along with the budget bill. Each year simultaneously with the draft budget bill, other documents and reports are submitted to the parliament but the bill itself is comprised of six volumes," said Nobakht.

He expressed hope that the government will be able to accomplish assignments related to the country's national development fund.

"In addition to the 6-volume budget bill, three volumes of sectoral and upper-sectoral reports have also been delivered to the parliament. The lawmakers will also be able to consider the performance of the sixth development plan in the past year", said the director of the country's budget and planning organization.

The vice president said "the bottom line is that the budget is allocated to activities which have a price and each activity has a specified expense. It's not like adding a number based on the previous budget, but each body or institution would be allocated certain amount of credit based on how it is implementing the program."

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