Shahr-e Rey (IP)- President Raisi takes part in the administrative council of Shahr-e Rey during his provincial tour on Thursday, coinciding with the second day of Fajr (dawn) 10-day.

Iran PressIran news: There in the council, Ebrahim Raisi talked about the capacities of the city for investment in such fields as agriculture and technology. 

Raisi stressed the establishment of technology parks as the activity the grounds for which is fully prepared in the city, highlighting the fact that the city was home to such great scholars as Abdul Azim al-Hassani (AS). 

He also emphasized the fact that to have economic and scientific growth, it is required that the young talents and experts were trusted and more work is done. 

Shahr-e Rey or simply Rey is the capital of Rey County in Tehran Province, Iran. Formerly a distinct city, it has now been absorbed into the metropolitan area of Greater Tehran as the 20th district of municipal Tehran, the capital city of Iran.

Rey is different and independent from the other parts of Tehran by its history dating back to 6000 years ago and valuable historical, religious, and cultural features.

Trade, handicrafts, agriculture, and animal husbandry are the main jobs of the Shahr-e Rey people.


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