Iran (IP) - The ghaychak or gheychak is a bowed lute traditional instrument used in Iranian folklore and classical music.

Iran PressIran news: The Tradition of Persian classical music is still vividly alive in Iran, from highly respected masters to folk music played by rural people. It is one of the most important aspects of Persian culture, whose many forms can be experienced in all the cities and villages of Iran.

Gheychak instruments displayed at Iranian music museum


Persian music history 

Music in Iran dates back to ancient times based on the archaeological records of Elam, the oldest civilization in the southwestern parts of modern Iran. The historical land of Iran, also known as Persia, appears to be the birthplace of the earliest complex musical instruments dating back to the prehistoric times, according to the records.

Safavid-era painting depicts Persian musical instruments at practice


The first improvements happened in Sassanid Era. People started growing fond of music and they used to play it in their rituals. The most famous artisans are Nakisa, Barbod, and Sargash. Barbod is the one who invented many Persian musical instruments.


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Many famous musicians lived in the Sassanian court, among which one of the founding fathers of Iranian music, Barbad. This highly respected poet and musician played for king Khoswro II and he is considered the inventor of the musical tradition, as we know it today.

Gheychack or Ghaychak is widely popular in Iranl's Sistan Baluchestan



Gheychack or Ghaychak is also known as double chamber bowl lutewith four or more metal strings and a short fretless neck. Used by Iranians and Baluch people. The soundbox is carved from a single piece of wood. 

It is used by Iranians Baloch artists, and is similar to Sarinda. The soundbox is carved out of a single piece of wood. The upper orifice is partly covered in the middle by the handle and the lower one is covered by a skin membrane against which the bridge rests.

An Iranian folklore artist playing Gheychak


Ghaychak History

Gheychak is one of the string instruments, played by a bow. it is made from wood, hide or metal. It is used to play Iranian folklore music. In some of old Iranian poetry books and also some of Islamic textbooks, this instrument is mentioned as “qajak” , “qazak”, “qachak” and “qaj” and therefore it is presumed that qaychak has been one of the prevalent instruments in old Iranian musical tradition.

The kamanche or the violin’s bow is used to play the Gheychak.


Qaychak is played by a seated person, held vertically with left hand, and the bow is drawn on the strings horizontally. The length of the instrument is about 60 cm. and the main components are resonance box, fingerboard.


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