Tehran (IP) - The participants of the First International Congress for Women of Influence were received by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in Tehran.

Iran PressIran news: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi as the keynote speaker wishes success to participants in the First International Congress for Women of Influence with unity, they can achieve successful steps to realize the rights of women in the world.

President Raisi also advised influential activist women to benefit from the Islamic Republic of Iran's experience to achieve women's rights.

Stating that women should not be marginalized or isolated in societies, the president of Iran said that having the ossified and the instrumental view on women by western powers and politicians are both doomed to failure and rejected.


According to Iran press, Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, in a meeting with high-ranking officials participating in the International Congress of Influential Women on Thursday night, expressed his satisfaction that the Islamic Republic of Iran hosted influential women from different countries and said:

"I hope that the women present at this meeting will be able to think together, converge and like-minded people can take a step towards realizing the rights of women in the world."

The President of the Republic of Iran also expressed his hope that the women present in this congress will be able to use the valuable experiences gained by the Islamic Republic of Iran after the Islamic Revolution in the field of women's rights and addressing women in the society, and establish a fruitful partnership and cooperation in this meeting.

Stating that this meeting and talks can pave the way for cooperation between countries and nations, Raisi added: "We have no doubt that men and women are different based on creation, but there is no difference between men and women based on humanity."

Raisi emphasized that men and women have no difference in reaching human heights and whoever tries harder in this direction will reach the heights of morality, spirituality and humanity.

Saying that we do not see any important historical event in which women did not play an important role, Raisi stated: "Women should not be marginalized or isolated in societies."

He added: "The correct definition of a woman is that both men and women are human beings, and there are even women who influence men as well."


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