The head of the Yemeni negotiating team stated that the Saudi coalition stopped its attacks last year only because of the fear of the Yemeni army's reaction, emphasizing that the solidarity of the Yemeni society has disappointed the enemy.

In an interview with al-Masirah news channel on Saturday evening, Mohammad Abd al-Salam, head of Yemen's negotiating team and spokesperson of the Ansarullah movement, considered the ceasefire and the reopening of the airport to be one of the country's most important achievements in the past year.

Abdul Salam stated that this year, the internal front of Yemen was coherent, and noted that the enemy is extremely disappointed because of the solidarity of the Yemeni society.

He also emphasized that the military parades proved that Yemen has the upper hand in terms of self-defense and deterrence.

Pointing out that Yemen always wants a humanitarian ceasefire and separating humanitarian issues from political and military issues, Abdul Salam stated that the other side wants a ceasefire that does not care about humanitarian issues so that it can sort out its priorities within the framework of war and siege.

This Yemeni official emphasized that Sana'a wants to end the humanitarian crisis in this country, Yemen is looking for a permanent ceasefire and has presented its views to the Omani mediator. Any solution should pay employees' salaries from oil and gas revenues based on the 2014 budget, he said

Abdul Salam pointed out that any solution should include the reopening of airports, seaports and routes and the release of prisoners, and pointed out: "Yemenis demands are legitimate and right." 219