China and Russia should ramp up cooperation in the trade-economic and energy sphere, President Xi Jinping said on Friday during a video conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Iran PressAsia: "Our countries should proactively build up productive pragmatic cooperation in trade and economy, energy and financial sphere, and in the sphere of agriculture, use existing working mechanisms and channels for the dialog for this purpose," the Chinese leader said, cited by CCTV.

Beijing and Moscow should interact, taking advantage of each other into consideration, Xi Jinping said. Russia and China should not confine themselves to traditional energy spheres and should promote parallel joint projects in the segment of alternative low-carbon energy sources.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he has invited his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to visit Moscow next year.

"I have no doubt that we will find an opportunity to meet with you in person. We are waiting for you, dear Mr. Chairman, dear friend, we are waiting for you to come next spring with a state visit to Moscow," Putin told Xi during a video call.


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