The participants in the UN Security Council meeting regarding Resolution 2231, while asking the US to cancel unilateral sanctions against Iran, asked Tehran to reduce its nuclear activities.

 Iran PressAmerica: The United Nations Security Council held a meeting on Tuesday morning regarding the implementation of Resolution 2231 regarding the lifting of sanctions related to the nuclear program of the Islamic Republic of Iran. According to Resolution 2231, every six months the report of the Secretary General of the United Nations is presented at the regular meeting of the United Nations Security Council and the permanent representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the United Nations also speaks at this meeting.

Rosemary DiCarlo, UN Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peace Affairs, as the first speaker at this meeting, said: "Iran has 18 times more enriched uranium stockpiled than the amount in the nuclear deal."

DiCarlo asked Iran to reverse the steps taken in the nuclear program and called for the removal of unilateral US economic sanctions against Iran.

Silvio Gonzato, the deputy representative of the European Union in the United Nations, also stated: "The process of reaching a nuclear agreement is surrounded by obstacles, but there is no substitute for diplomacy." 219