Bauchi (IP) - While the world observed 2022 Human Rights day on 10th December as adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948, many human rights activists across the world think that the United States does not have the right to talk about human rights due to its mass violation of human rights.

Iran PressAfrica: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press News Agency, Comrade Dr. Abdulfatah Yalwa, prominent political analyst, human rights activist, and also a lecturer at Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic Bauchi in North Eastern Nigeria said the United States of America is the leading human rights abuser in the world and its abuse of human rights is not limited to its territory alone as a country.

"Historically speaking, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Nuclear) bombardment by the American military is on record and still fresh to the world, that America is the leading terrorist if you like, and in terms of human abuse, America is second to none as a country. More so, when you see and review the invasion of Iraq by the American army and the assertion that the country was making weapons of mass destruction which led to the elimination of Saddam Hussein and eventually zero discovery was proved to the world by the American military and the perpetuation of human rights abuses in terms of molestation and killing of even innocent children in America cannot be quantified."

Dr. Abdullah Yalwa further said: ''When you also take the American invasion of Afghanistan and even attempted invasion or military base in Pakistan and so on including the killing of Osama bin Laden, one is tempted to believe that America is nothing but a leading human rights abuser. Of course, you cannot ignore the American role in Libya which today has bastardized the entire African region because the Islamic awakening especially when we're talking about Syria, Libya, and such other neighboring countries which were masterminded by America has caused the proliferation of arms and ammunitions, especially across the African region, Nigeria inclusive. The ISWAP and Boko Haram are having days simply because of the supply that they are enjoying through the Mediterranean, which was a result of the human rights abuses masterminded by America as a country which leads to the killing leader of Libya Muammar Gaddafi."

Dr. Abdullah Yalwa said the attempt was also made by America to invade the Islamic Republic of Iran, though it was not successful, sure Iranians (scientists) were assassinated by the CIA of America. He said ''and for that, America was accusing empty without any proof of the Iranian Government of also developing weapons of mass destruction."

When he turned to the USA embargo imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr. Abdullah Yalwa said: "If America believes in human rights at their lowest ever, America ought to respect the lives and sanctity of the lives of people in Iran by allowing necessary assistance to rescue the lives, especially those cancer patients. But let me talk generally about health manipulation by America. It is strongly accused that America masterminds certain diseases in the laboratory, it engineered certain conditions to manipulate and control the world so that people will rush back to America in search of solutions."


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