The official unveiling ceremony of 'Toufan', an anti-mine armored military vehicle was held on Tuesday morning, with Defense Minister General Amir Hatami unveiling the multi-purpose Iranian-made mine-resistant armored military vehicle.

Iran news: Defense Minister Amir Hatami, speaking at an unveiling ceremony of a tactical armored military vehicle at the ministry of defense on Tuesday said: "After the terror incidents which have happened in this region, and the threats our fighting forces face in relation to terrorists, the manufacture of this armored vehicle is a significant achievement," Iran Press reported.

The Defense Minister stressed that following requests by the top commanders of the armed forces, and given the changing conditions on the modern battlefield, where often we are dealing with terrorists, a sturdy armored vehicle was needed to increase the mobility, speed and agility of Iran's border guards and armed forces.

Defense Minister Hatami added: "The important point which I must emphasize is that less than eighteen months ago, we were requested to produce a new armored vehicle, and today, thanks to the hard work of our scientists, engineers and industrialists active in the defense industry, and thanks to the efforts of the private sector, we jointly manufactured this armored vehicle 'Toufan'.

Defense Minister Amir Hatami  added: "This vehicle is an armored  multi-purpose military vehicle. The vehicle can run on horizontal and vertical slopes. It is resistant to mine explosions, resistant to improvised explosive devises with detonating power equivalent to several T.N.Ts, it protects the lives of our courageous and beloved fighters on the battlefield."

Hatami said 'Toufan' can be driven on roads with the speed of over 100 kilometers per hour. It has the ability to pass over obstacles half a meter high, and it can run over canals or trenches one-and-a-half meters wide, in fact it will answer to a large extent  the needs of our fighters on battle fields which have been increasingly shaped by terrorists. 211/103

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