Southern Khorasan (IP) - UNESCO globally registered the third geopark of Iran, Tabas Geopark, in Southern Khorasan, east of Iran.

Iran PressIran News: As the third global geopark in east-central Iran, Tabas Geopark received a positive vote from the Supreme Council of World's Geoparks of UNESCO. 

With its ancient background, Tabas shone like a gem in the middle of the Great Salt and Lut deserts and was referred to as the gate of Khorasan in the past.

Famous travelers such as Marco Polo, Alfons Gabriel, and Sven Hedin have visited Tabas and the surrounding areas, providing their readers with beautiful descriptions of this region in their travelogues.

UNESCO has a clear and comprehensive definition of the geopark it has invented as an area with clear boundaries and a sufficient area that encompasses a number of rare and prominent geological phenomena, with valuable natural, historical and cultural attractions. 

The extension should have expansion and exploitation management plans and conservation plans and be capable of raising the economic level of the local community and attracting public cooperation.

Tabas Geopark is the biggest geopark in West Asia.


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