Tehran (IP) – IRGC deputy chief commander has said that many Mossad-linked spies had been arrested in Iran and face prosecution.

Iran PressIran News: In a press briefing with Iranian media, Brigadier-General Ali Fadavi stated: "The Zionists had excellent relations with the former Iranian regime before the victory of the Islamic Revolution;... They have tried to absorb spies in Iran after the revolution."

"But we have full intelligence control over their and also US evil activities. This process is permanent, considering intelligence superiority we have, we have captured a lot of Zionists-linked spies and so will do in the future," he added.

Fadavi noted that the detained spies would be punished according to their deeds.

He made the remarks referring to the recent west-backed riots in Iran, blaming the Western countries led by the United States for fomenting unrest in Iran.


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