Parl. Speaker:

Tehran(IP)- The Speaker of Iran's Parliament called the implementation of the Constitution the factor which will break the spell of enemies' plots against the country's national security.

Iran PressIran News: Stating that the implementation of the Constitution breaks the spell of the enemies' plots against Iran's national security, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf said: "Circumventing the law or selectively referring to the law, or discriminating against the implementation of the law causes damage to the culture of legalism."

He said at the National Conference on Responsibility for the Implementation of the Constitution: "We all agree on the importance of the Constitution in national cohesion and national unity and the country's progress from this direction, and we are all together to consider it as the closest and most accessible way. To determine the relations and cohesion between the government, the people and society and to maintain the integrity of the country and national cohesion, we have no more valid, effective, reliable, and accessible document than the Constitution."

The Speaker of the parliament added: "So, with any (political) orientation, with any taste, any religion, with any ethnicity that we live in dear Iran and are considered citizens of the Islamic Republic, we must respect the Constitution, and the basis of respect is to act according to the Constitution."

He continued: "We all consider the Constitution as our covenant, and the first point we should all pay attention to is the culture of legalism. The law and the culture of legalism and law enforcement are the most important infrastructure for any government, and more than anyone else, the lawmakers and agents of the system are obliged to commit to the implementation of the Constitution."

Ghalibaf emphasized: "We all know and must know that bypassing the law or selectively referring to the law or discriminating against the implementation of the law causes damage to the culture of legalism, especially if it involves officials in law enforcement."

The conference was hosted by the president at the summit hall, with the presence of Mohammad Mosadeq, the first deputy of the judiciary; Mohammad Dehghan, the legal deputy of the president; Behrooz Kamalvandi, the spokesperson of the Atomic Energy Organization, and some of the members of parliament and foreign guests.


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