Shiraz(IP)- An improvised bomb was discovered from the leader of the anti-revolutionary group in Shiraz, the capital of Fars province (south of Iran), during the arrest.

Iran PressIran News: "Abuzar Ranjbar," Deputy Prosecutor and Head of Shiraz Enghelab Court house, stated that the connection of the head of this 9-member group with political activists and the opposition abroad has been confirmed.

He further added that one of the activities of these people was leading riots in different parts of Shiraz.

Ranjbar also pointed to the other destructive activities of the group and its main leader and added: "The ring leader of this group was carrying improvised bombs with delayed explosive devices at the time of his arrest."

The deputy prosecutor and head of Shiraz Enghelab courthouse added: " The extensive and organized activity of this group with the aim of directing street riots in different parts of Shiraz has been proven during the investigation of the case."

Ranjbar also pointed to the unsuccessful operation of the group in setting fire to a Basij base in Shiraz and added that this case is being completed in the special investigation branch of the Shiraz Enghelab courthouse, and other aspects are being identified.


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