Lebanon (IP) - The Chief of the Bureau of Bahrain's February 14 Revolution Coalition in Beirut said that all of the Bahraini people and social activists opposed participation in the parliamentary election to be held by the Al Khalifa regime.

Iran PressMiddle East: In an interview with Iran Press, Ebrahim al-Aradi said that through holding the elections the regime of Al Khalifa sought to show the world that the regime was founded based on democracy.

The February 14 Movement and other Bahraini opposition groups believed that the elections in question did not help to establish democracy in Bahrain but just consolidated the dictatorship of the Bahraini rulers, al-Aradi told IP. 

He described the ruling Al-Khalifa as a regime that imprisoned the leaders of the Bahraini nation, exiled and denied them their citizenship, and deprived the people of their basic rights. 

al-Aradi said those who were nominated in the rigged elections would be isolated by the people and have no credibility among the people. He stressed that people do not vote for murderers, torturers, and those who have taken away their citizenship.

Still, in further comments, the Bahrani activist told Iran Press that the new MPs nominated by the King of Bahrain must normalize ties with the Israeli regime and ratify the Israeli-cooked bills, especially the Israeli settlement construction in Manama, the capital of Bahrain. 

The parliamentary city council elections are underway in Bahrain on Saturday, November 12, 2022. About 435 candidates are competing with each other to take 40 seats. Also, 175 others are waiting for the capture of 30 seats of city councils.  


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