Tehran (IP) - Parliament speaker said that the parliament is a symbol of the unity of ethnic, and religions, and breaking this unity is going along with the enemy's will.

Iran PressIran news: Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf emphasized that the independence and freedom of Iran depend on unity.

"Parliament is a symbol of unity in ethnic, and religious debates, where all religions, ethnicities, and religions are here," he added.

"If we look at the history of Sistan and Baluchistan, our Balochs have always been defenders of Iran, defenders of Iran's independence, and serious fighters against British colonialism and arrogance, and as the leader says, Balochs are loyal, patriotic, and anti-secession of Iran," he pointed out.

Emphasizing that unity in the country should be preserved, Ghalibaf said: "Today, the enemies of the Islamic Revolution, led by America and the Israeli regime, are doing actions that are a reaction against the revolutionary movements and the effect of the Islamic Revolution and the power of our Iran. Let's keep our unity and move forward."


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