US is secretly plotting to unleash a war: North Korea

North Korean state newspaper referring to new US military movements in the region as practice for a potential invasion, accused the Washington for plotting to unleash a war on North Korea while continuing to negotiate with a smile on its' face.

Iran PressAsia: According to the reports US "special units" in Japan staged a flying drill in the Philippines simulating "the infiltration into North Korea, State Newspaper, Rodong Sinmun reported.

Also it is revealed that the USS Michigan, a nuclear Navy submarine, transported Green Berets and other special forces from Okinawa, Japan to the South Korea Jinhae naval base in August.

Last week, Seoul and Washington announced the formation of a joint work group for discussion about imposed sanctions on the North Korea, denuclearization and stablishing permanent peace in Korean Peninsula.

North Korea called Washington-Seoul joint work group as US intervention act and said this work group is a major obstacle for improving mutual relation of north and South Korea.

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Despite the simultaneous start of South Korean and US talks with North Korea to settle regional disputes, it seems that relations between North Korea and the US are worsening while negotiations between South and north Korea show positive indications.

Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In, North Korea Leader and South Korea President 

Endless US Criticism against Pyongyang, permanent provocative actions like sanctions on north Korea and continuation of accusation and claims against North Korea for nuclear activity has led to creation of mistrust atmosphere between US and North Korea and stopped the peace talks.

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Washington fears and concerns on the positive progress in Korean negotiations and also Seoul's independent approach about relation with Pyongyang has led that US with the formation of join work group with South Korea try to disrupt growing progress of Korea's negotiations.

Andrey Ivanov, a senior Russian expert and professor of international relations in Moscow University says: "at any stage of the South-North negotiations when there is chance for reaching a peaceful atmosphere in the Korean Peninsula, the United States declares new allegations and ask new demands that led to destroy chance of reaching agreement in the Peninsula.

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At this point of sensitive time for the process of reduction of tensions in the Korean Peninsula, Washington informed of Pyongyang's sensitiveness about any foreign military movements near its' borders, plans to perform a military exercise with South Korean to demolish positive peace negotiation process.

Based on these facts and under these circumstances, North Korea hopes that its Southern neighbor consider national and regional interests and take an independent strategy to neutralize US policy to disrupt efforts for reaching permanent peace in the Korean peninsula.

The Korean Peninsula remains in a technical state of war as the three-year war ended with an armistice.

The rapprochement on the Korean peninsula was triggered earlier this year when North Korean leader Kim Jong Un decided to send athletes, cheerleaders and his sister as an envoy to the Winter Olympics in the South.

South Korea has dismissed concerns that it is opening up to the North too quickly, and that it should insist on more concrete steps toward denuclearization in return. 

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US is secretly plotting to unleash a war: North Korea
Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In, North Korea Leader and South Korea President