Kabul (IP) - Seyyed Issa Hosseini Mazari, the Director General of the Tebyan Center for Cultural and Social Activities in Afghanistan, said that the enemies are trying to destroy the unity in Afghan society.

Iran PressAsia: In an interview with Iran Press in Kabul, Issa Hosseini-Mazari stated the necessity of unity in Afghanistan, the enemies tried to create differences between Shiites and Sunnis by strengthening the Takfiri movement and forces in Afghanistan, but they did not succeed.

Hosseini Mazari stated that politics in Afghanistan today revolves around unity, and the Shiites do not consider Sunnis to be responsible for terrorist attacks, but they consider the root of these attacks to be the enemies of Afghanistan's stability and security.

He said there is no difference between Shia and traditional in Afghanistan, Shia and Sunni live together and cooperate with each other.


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