Iranian police chief called safeguarding the Islamic revolutionary values and observing the martyrs' blood as the main duty of police forces.

Iran news:  In an exclusive interview with Iran press news agency, Iran's Chief of police, Brigadier General Ashtari, described Iran's police force as" the guardian of Islamic Revolution's values" and "observer of martyrs' blood "and as well as "responsible  for public security and tranquility"which also safeguards people's lives, properties and their honor". 

Iran's top commander stressed the fact that Iran's police force is so serious at this task and the forces even sacrificed themselves for achieving this aim.

Expressing  his  condolences on the occasion of the martyrdom anniversary of the Imam Hassan, the second Shia Imam and Imam Ali Ibn Musa al-Reza the eighth Imam and also the demise of the prophet of Islam Muhammad peace be up on him and Imam Hussein's Arbaeen , Brigadier General Ashtari, went on to appreciate Iran's police efforts to provide Arbaeen pilgrims with safety and security while travelling to Holy Karbala.

Ashtrai aslo said that Iran's police force is ready to provide help with pilgrims of Imam Reza's holy shrine in Razavi Khorasan province as martyrdom anniversary of Imam Reza (PBUH ),the 8th Shia Imam is approaching.

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His remarks came at the funeral ceremony of  three  anonymous dignified martyrs of Sacred Defense held on this morning at Tehran police chief command headquarter.




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