A prominent Lebanese politician said the Secretary General of Hezbollah guaranteed the country's enjoyment of its oil and gas wealth.

Iran PressMiddle East: The former minister Wiam Wahhab explained key details of his Wednesday’s meeting with Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, indicating that Lebanon will obtain all its maritime rights.

"With this creative move by the Secretary General of Hezbollah, we can enjoy all our rights and the agreement on the demarcation case with the Zionist regime of Israel is in the final stages," Wahhab said in a televised interview.

Wahhab, who heads Tawheed Movement, considered that the war with the Israeli enemy is excluded, highlighting the Resistance's readiness to confront any Zionist aggression on Lebanon.

Wahhab indicated that Sayyed Nasrallah modestly and respectfully consults all his allies, eliminating the possibility of having a new president in Lebanon soon.

Meanwhile, the Zionist regime media said that Israel has dispatched the national security advisor Eyal Holata to Washington to discuss with the US energy envoy Amos Hochstein the final draft of the indirect maritime agreement with Lebanon.

Israeli Channel 13 noted that the meeting between Holata and Hochstein is decisive, adding that the latter will submit his final proposal within the next few days.

The Israeli circles reiterated that the signature is imminent, adding that the cabinet will convene next week to take the final decision.

According to the legal advisor of the Zionist government, the cabinet, not the Knesset, has the right to approve the deal.

The Zionist circles considered that if everything moves in the right direction, the indirect agreement will be signed in few weeks.

The Lebanese sources confirmed that the settlement won’t be documented as a ‘deal’ that is signed by Lebanon and the Israeli enemy, but rather every party will send a separate and official letter to the United Nations that includes coordinates of its maritime borders and Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ).


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