New clashes erupted between Azerbaijan and Armenia on Wednesday as international peace efforts intensified a day after almost 100 soldiers were killed in the worst fighting between two sides since 2020.

Iran PressAsia: The Armenian defence ministry accused Azerbaijan of firing artillery and small arms in a fresh attack.

At least 49 Armenian and 50 Azerbaijani soldiers were killed on Tuesday along their common border. Both sides blamed each other for the fighting.

Azerbaijan also accused Armenia of firing mortars and artillery at its army units. It said two civilians had been injured since the clashes erupted.

"Our positions are periodically being fired on at the moment," Azerbaijan's defence ministry said. "Our units are taking the necessary response measures."

Earlier, Iran President pointed out that the security in the Caucasus region is essential for the country and stated that Tehran is determined to continue cooperation in all fields to benefit the region's prosperity and stability.

Ebrahim Raisi, in response to the phone call of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, expressed his concern about the continuation of tension in the region on Tuesday and said: "The Caucasian region is going through special conditions and unfortunately, peace has not yet returned into the region."

Stating that Iran is constantly monitoring the situation and developments in the Caucasian region, Raisi noted that the region could not tolerate another war.

Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs also reiterated that any change in the borders of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan is unacceptable.

The Spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nasser Kanani expressed concern about the escalation of the tensions in the border area between Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan and stressed the peaceful settlement of the problem through international law. 

The flare-up in violence has triggered international concern, with Russia, the United States, France and the European Union calling for restraint and stepping up diplomatic efforts.

Armenia and Azerbaijan have been fighting for decades over Nagorno-Karabakh, a mountainous enclave internationally recognised as part of Azerbaijan but which until 2020 was populated by ethnic Armenians.

About 30,000 people died in the ensuing conflict.


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