Rapporteur of Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said that by pursuing the Iranophobia scenario, the US is after creating a regional network of drones across the entire Middle East region.

Abolfazl Amouie said on Tuesday that one of the capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran is manufacturing high-quality drones, and we have achieved success in making both attack and surveillance drones, which have clients in the region and the world.

He told IRNA that Iran has full monitoring over the enemy’s drones in the region, and the anti-aircraft defense system of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) has managed to take down the US RQ170 and their expensive RQ4 Global Hawk drones undamaged near the Strait of Hormuz has proved its high competence.

Amouie emphasized that the international military experts have acknowledged that the Islamic Republic of Iran has great expertise in the drone field, and the enemy is, therefore, going to establish a network of drones in the region to counter Iran’s might in that field.

"But the truth is that Iran’s drones’ capabilities in combination with the country’s other defense capabilities have established a high level of deterrence power against the country’s enemies, which is well established," he said.

Amouei said that the foreign countries’ forces in west Asia have posed serious security threats against the region, and the regional countries need to collaborate as good neighbors, in the establishment of bilateral and multilateral peace and security forces, to achieve sustainable security.

The American Wall Street Journal recently in an analysis reported that the US Navy is going to establish a drone network in the Middle East in collaboration with some regional countries, and Israel, to monitor Iran’s military moves both in the Middle East and as far as the Suez Canal.