Tehran(IP)- During his first visit to Iran, Taliban's Public Health Minister said that Iran's health system is advanced in all fields.

Iran PressIran news: Stressing his country's urgent medical needs on the sidelines of the G5 High-Level Experts Meeting on Health Cooperation which was held in Tehran, Qalandar Ibad, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press, stated: There is no doubt that Afghanistan is in dire need of medical services.

Ibad said: Afghanistan has received poor health services, almost nothing for nearly 20 years, so it asked Iran to help construct health centers (medical universities) in Afghanistan.  

Earlier, Iran’s Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations said: The humanitarian situation is particularly dire. Around 25 million people are now living in poverty, with "many who go hungry." Prolonged drought is also exacerbating food insecurity, and human rights continue to be violated, particularly against women and girls, who are still denied access to education. Meanwhile, the de-facto authorities have yet to fulfill their international obligations.


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