The Israeli circles continued following up on the latest developments of the maritime dispute with Lebanon, admitting that "Israel can’t but surrender to Hezbollah Movement in the dispute."

Iran PressMiddle East: The soi-disant US mediator Amos Hochstein is expected to be next week.

Hochstein contacted the Lebanese officials again and told them he wouldn’t visit Beirut before receiving a clear Israeli response in order to shape up his final proposal.

The Zionist regime experts stressed that Tel must never try to evade the requirements of the indirect agreement with Beirut in light of Hezbollah's threats to move militarily to defend Lebanon’s maritime borders and gas resources.

In this regard, the Israeli analysts warned against Hezbollah military provocations expected, in their opinion, to be ahead of Hochstein’s visit, considering that the Lebanese officials rely on such moves in order to persuade the US envoy to adopt their proposals.

The Zionist regime experts considered that the political path will likely be followed in order to reach a solution, warning that resorting to the choice of engaging in a petty conflict with Hezbollah may lead to an all-out war.


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