The Taiwanese military said it used live fire for the first time to repel ‘civilian’ drones from the Chinese mainland that were hovering over Taiwan-controlled islands near the city of Xiamen.

Iran PressAsia: China has sovereignty over Taipei, and under the internationally-recognized “one-China” policy, nearly all countries recognize that sovereignty, meaning that they would not establish diplomatic contact with its secessionist government.

Taiwan’s military yesterday fired warning shots at three drones from China flying around the Taiwan-controlled Kinmen islands, after which the drones returned to the city of Xiamen.

According to the Kinmen Defense Command, three “civilian drones” were hovering on Tuesday evening over the islets of Dadan, Erdan, and Shiyu three Kinmen islets that are within 10 miles of the Chinese city of Xiamen.

Taiwanese forces first fired warning flares, before firing a live round at a returning drone. Flares have been used previously, but this was the first time that Taiwan used live fire to warn a Chinese drone.

Earlier this month, video footage showing Taiwanese soldiers throwing rocks at a Chinese drone over Kinmen went viral on Chinese social media sites.

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