Chairman of Iran chamber of commerce, industries, mines and agriculture (ICCIMA), Masoud Khansari said on Saturday that it is necessary to prepare the way for increasing the business relationship between Iran and Syria.

Iran Press/Iran news: "Fortunately, Iran's engineering companies are powerful. As they are active in other countries, they also can be very effective in Syria; including in the area of the reconstruction of factories and buildings,"  chairman of Iran chamber of commerce, industries, mines and agriculture, Masoud Khansari noted in the sideline of Syrian-Iranian business forum in Tehran, Iran press news agency reported.

"Considering the sanctions against Iran, there is a need to increase the number of Iranian banks in Syria. The role of insurances and the role of ground, air and maritime transportation also should be more effective in Syria. If we can make these infrastructure, it will be effective both in reconstruction of Syria and also in increasing the business relationship between the two countries," chairman of Iran chamber of commerce, industries, mines and agriculture added.

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"The importance of this forum was participation of 57 Syrian business companies and participation of 200 big Iranian companies in it," Khansari stated.

"If the understanding between the two sides increase, the economic relationship between Iran and Syria will improve. We should try to help the non-governmental Iranian and Syrian companies," Masoud Khansari concluded.

The forum aims at upgrading the level of economic, trade and investment cooperation between businessmen in Syria and Iran to establish partnerships in all sectors to meet the requirements of the upcoming stage, particularly the reconstruction process in Syria.

The forum also contributes to exchanging expertise and introducing the investment projects which serve the development process in the two countries, in addition to setting a framework for overcoming the obstacles facing the cooperation process and encouraging the Iranian companies to participate in the reconstruction in Syria.


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