William Ruto is declared the Kenyan president-elect after winning more than half of the votes.

Iran PressAfrica: William Ruto, who ran on a promise to boost the economic prospects of Kenya’s working class, was declared the winner of the East African country’s presidential race, which descended into chaos moments before the national electoral commission announced the results on Monday.

Ruto, Kenya’s vice president for the past decade, defeated his former ally, longtime opposition leader Raila Odinga, the scion of a Kenyan political dynasty, 50.5% to 48.9%. Two other candidates received the remainder of the votes.

Despite the chaos and a physical attack on Kenya's top elections official, the country's elections commission has announced that Deputy President William Ruto will be the East African nation's fifth president.

But after six days of counting and just as the electoral commission was ready to announce a final tally on Monday, four out of the seven electoral commissioners walked out of the main tallying center in Nairobi, saying they could not support the final result because of the "opaque nature" of the vote count. 219