Baghdad (IP)- The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity spokesman announced that he is negotiating with the Iranian side to increase the import of gas to Iraq to operate the country's power stations.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity announced on June 25 that Iran's outstanding debts for energy imports had been paid. Baghdad is negotiating to increase gas imports from Iran.

" Ahmad Mousa al-Abadi, "the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity spokesman, announced this news: "Gas import from Iran is 45 million cubic meters, but the actual need is more than this amount."

Al-Abadi added that after paying for Iran's gas, the percentage of gas imports from this country increased to 45 million cubic meters. Still, our actual need is between 50 and 55 million cubic meters.

It should be noted that Iraq had paid 1.6 billion dollars as a gas debt to Iran last June, after which Tehran's exports to Iraq increased by 5 million cubic meters per day.

Iraq suffers from a significant problem with electricity supply, and the electricity in many Iraqi cities is almost permanently cut off, especially in the summer when the temperature reaches 50 degrees. 


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